Tone Signaling


Midian Electronics offers encoder, decoders, and encoder/decoder combination products in a variety of tone signaling formats. These encoder/decoder products are used for ANI (PTT ID), selective calling, activation of remote equipment, and more.

 · 2-Tone
 · 5-Tone
 · Burst Tone
 · Kenwood's FleetSync
 · MA-Com's GE-Star

· Morse Code
· Motorola's MDC-1200
· Paging Regenerator
· Pulse Tone
· Multi-Format

OEM Tone Signaling Products
Many of Midian's encoder/decoder modules and ANI modules are available for specific OEM radios. Select a two-way radio manufacturer from the list below to view the tone signaling products available.

 · Icom
 · Kenwood
 · Vertex

Fleet Management Products
Midian's fleet management products are useful in a variety of industries. They can be used for Public Safety, taxi, towing, and bus fleets to identify system abusers and stuck-mic conditions.

 · Automatic Number ID (PTT ID)
 · Computer-Aided Dispatch
 · Display Decoders
 · Desktop Display Decoders

Miscellaneous Tone Signaling Products

 · Notch/Bandpass Filter
 · Phone Line Extenders