Midian Electronics

The products are used for tone signaling and encryption in diverse applications by public safety, government, fleet, industrial and OEM users. For example the TVS-2 Rolling Code Voice Scrambler utilized for tactical high-security communications between radios with secrecy to protect against determined listeners...(Midian Products)


Microvoice Corporation


The products are used for E-911 PSAP, dispatch centers, first responder's communications and point-to-point communications. For example digital compression, the LineBacker E1 Compressor (DVCM) or (DCME) equipment used to increases the voice transmission capacity of 1 E1 to 6 E1's that are transported through 1 E1; 180 time-slots/channels of voice that are transported through 30 time-slots/channels...(Microvoice Products)


Voiceboard Corporation


The products are used for leading embedded hardware and software products for technology sold to telecommunications OEM manufacturing companies, system integrators and military communication providers that demand advanced products performance. For example voice logging, the Reveal 1000 Voice Logging System is a remote site component for logging of voice traffic over E1 spans employing CAS, ISDN or SS7 signaling...(Voiceboard Products)