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Over 15 years ago, Voiceboard was the first embedded communications products company to adopt industry standard switched TDM backplane bus technology. In 1999, Voiceboard's MediaPro II product family again set technology standards for VoIP Gateway products. This heritage of technological leadership remains a vital part of our corporate values.


Today, Voiceboard leads the way in developing new architectures for convergent tactical military communications systems. Voiceboard MediaPro communications products are rapidly becoming the performance standard against which alternative solutions and products are measured.


Voiceboard's customers are industry trend setter; their needs help define our product evolution and refinement. This "win-win" business relationship model leads to a high degree of customer satisfaction and drives Voiceboard to the forefront of communications technology.


Carrier Class Solutions – Voiceboard products are particularly targeted to meet the requirements of our Carrier Class customers. Performance, scalability, High availability and speed of deployment are key requirements fulfilled by Voiceboard products.


Engineering Excellence – Voiceboard Corporation has recruited leading engineers with experience in key communications disciplines to ensure that our products include the latest technology. Over 50% of Voiceboard employees are engineers with advanced degrees.


Highest Performance Value – MediaPro II product family performance objectives are to provide the industry's greatest capacity density, lowest power consumption and flexibility per chassis slot, resulting in superior performance/value metrics.


Highly Scalable Architecture – MediaPro's embedded Real-Time OS handles all low-level signaling and relieves the host CPU of real-time processing tasks. As a result, ports, spans, DSP capacity and new functionality may be added or expanded without the preformance and throughput degradation that typically results when a chassis host CPU is employed for data plane processing tasks.


Highest Availability Solutions – MediaPro II products operate in Packet Switched Backplane (PSB) mode, eliminating the single points of failure present in traditional backplane solutions. PSB, coupled with redundant packet networks and adherence to "hot swap" industry standards, can achieve greater that the "5 nines" standard for high availability.


All MediaPro II products may also operat as standalone single board embedded solutions. In this mode, features supporting traffic load sharing and real time failover response achieve straightforward fault tolerant performance.


Broad product Line:
Broadband network interfaces
· Analog telephone interfaces
Radio controller boards
· VoIP Gateway
· DSP mezzanine resource
· Customer development environment for DSP software
· SS7 and ISDN protocol stacks
· H.323 and SIP VoIP stacks
· MC call processing software applications platform


High Reliability Design – Voiceboard designs longevity and reliability into every product we make. MediaPro II products exhibit low power consumption, reducing heat, extending hardware lifetimes and supporting operation in hostile environments.


Portable Driver Architecture – Voiceboard drivers are portable across most popular operating systems.


DSP Media Conversion Libraries – MediaPro offers a full complement of off-the-shelf DSP libraries supporting a broad range of communications applications, including VoIP, radio communication, data modem and FAX servers, call processing, intercom and conferencing system.


System Integration – Voiceboard provides system integration activities through design, documentation, example application code, test software, technical training classes and development tools. Source code is available for drivers, protocol stacks and specialized DSP support software.


Technical Training – Voiceboard offers on and off-site formalized technical training, as well as highly specific "hands-on" hardware and software applications training. Voiceboard tailors training to meet customer needs.


Custom, Reduced Risk Solutions – Voiceboard engineers are available to assist our customers with proof of concept studies and initial system design proposals. The result is a clear, well-charted path through project development, lest and system integration to ultimate deployment.


MC Application Software – Voiceboard's Professional Services group offers customizable application software capable of implementing a wide variety of real time communications applications for military, government, enterprise and commercial carrier services.


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