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Reveal 1000 (Voice Logging System)

About the Reveal 1000:

Voiceboard's Reveal 1000 Voice Logging System is a remote site component for logging of voice traffic over E1 spans employing CAS, ISDN or SS7 signaling. Reveal 1000 operates in high impedance bridging mode without affecting normal operation of the E1 span being monitored. Acquired voice data is sent to a centralized monitoring location via an IP network.


· Modular capacity expansion.
· Called and calling party ID logging.
· Transmit and receive side audio merging on board.
· Data and time stamps on recorded files.
· Conversion of audio to IP data streams.
· Dual redundant IP links.
· High channel capacity monitoring.



· Financial Services transaction logging.
· Call Center traffic logging.
· Emergency services logging.
· Airport Control Tower traffic logging.
· Quality of service monitoring and logging.


Reveal 1000 Brochure PDF icon (PDF File: 232KB)